Mitsubishi video printer for ultrasound scanner P93C

Mitsubishi video printer for ultrasound scanner P93C

Model P93C
Min order 1
Supply ability 每年10000年
Payment 电汇,微信付款,支付宝付款
Port 中国境内各地
Certification ISO13485, CE, UL,CCC
Delivery 收到货款后一到三天
Packaging 三菱标准包装

This Mitsubishi video printer for ultrasound scanner, also called video copy processor, is one worldwide popular Mitsubishi product, specially designed for printing high quality images of black/white ultrasound machine, C-arm X-ray machines. It's COMPATIBLE with most of ultrasound scanners available in today's market. 100% Mitsubishi original 

General Introduction
*High Speed, High Resolution Printer 
*With User-Friendly Controls 
*Specially designed For Medical Applications
*Worldwide compatibility 
Key Features   
*3.3sec High Speed Printing   
*High-density 325dpi Thermal Head   
*User-friendly Controls Conveniently Located On Front Panel   
*Jam-free Reliability
*Worldwide Compatibility                         

Technical specs
*Printing Pixels: 
  N system: Normal:1280*500 Wide:1280*1250
  P system: Normal:1280*600 Wide:1280*1275
*Image Size:  
  N system: Normal:100*75 Wide:130*98  
  P system: Normal:100*75 Wide:133*99
*Printing Speed 
  N system:Normal:3.3 sec Wide:8.4 sec  
  P system:Normal:3.9 sec Wide:8.4 sec  

*Storage: 10 images   
*Printer Size:154*89.5*256MM(W*H*D)   
*Safety: UL CE  CCC   

Packing Information

Carton Size:340mm*240mm*220mm
Net Weight:2.5kg/5.5lbs
Gross Weight:3.0kg/6.6lbs
Volumetric Weight:  4.0kg/8.8lbs

Printing Paper Recommended

Item NoBrandnameDescriptionSpecificationMinimum Order Quantity
KP61BMitsubishi   Normal Density thermal paper110mm*21m40 rolls
KP65HM    MitsubishiHigh Density thermal paper        110mm*21m40 rolls
KP91HGMitsubishiHigh density high glossy thermal paper110mm*18m    40 rolls
6110SOtherNormal Density thermal paper110mm*21m40 rolls