112 pieces of multi-parameter patient monitors exported to Indonesia on September 20, 2022

112 pieces of multi-parameter patient monitors exported to Indonesia on September 20, 2022

After over a month of repeated negotiations, we finally reached an agreement with a new dealer in Indonesia and successfully secured a purchase order of 112 pieces of BW3B multi-parameter patient monitors, coming with 12.1-inch TFT LCD. Within a tight production period of only half a month, we worked overtime to complete the production and inspection with quality and quantity guaranteed. After the exportation declaration at China Customs on September 20, 2022, this batch of goods flew to Indonesia by cargo plane. We believe this will be a promising beginning of a new long-term cooperation, making some contribution to the local epidemic prevention and control.

patient monitor ECG NIBP, SPO2, Temperature, respiration

It has been nearly three years since the novel corona virus was first identified and confirmed. Although some countries have given up their continuous nucleic acid tests and lockdown measures, and their daily work and life have gradually resumed, it is still impossible to predict when it will come to an end completely. As an important medical device used to monitor patients' ECG, blood oxygen saturation (SPO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), body temperature and respiration rate (RR), it’s been taken as one of the important medical equipments for epidemic prevention and control at the very beginning of the outbreak, and been playing an active role in combating the epidemic.

Misfortune never comes alone but it pours. At a time when people are battling the spread of the covid-19 virus, another worldwide IC supply crisis is looming. The purchasing price of ICs, one of the key components in many medical devices, has risen sharply, pushing up the manufacturing cost of finished medical devices. In this case, the profit margin will be further compressed if the selling price is not increased; and the purchasing power will be obviously insufficient If we increase the price of our products according to the increase of IC purchasing cost. During this dilemma, we have only raised prices a little bit to absorb some of the pressure of rapidly rising costs.

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