Online training course on vet ultrasound scanner for cattle in the Philippines on June 23, 2022

Online training course on vet ultrasound scanner for cattle in the Philippines on June 23, 2022

A face-to-face training replaced by online training
The global pandemic has made 2022 a special year in human history, as people around the world actively have been fighting the pandemic while working to minimize its impact on normal work and life. As countries has adopted different lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the virus, not only domestic business travel is impossible, but international travel is even more difficult. Unfortunately we found out that flights from Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Shanghai to Manila or Cebu in the Philippines have not been resumed as of June, making it impossible to hold a product training session

veterinary ultrasound scanning training

After winning the bid for veterinary ultrasound, the tenderee requires us to provide a training program on a vet ultrasound scanner on cattle for the end users. As we all know, a face-to-face on-site training is the most ideal one. In addition to explaining relevant knowledge, we can also demonstrate the operation of the machine on the spot. More importantly, we can interact with customers on the spot and give accurate and effective answers to their questions..

Under such special situations both parties agreed to do an online training, which was also the first online workshop program since the establishment of our company in July 2006. We had not only got to get familiar with how to use online training software Zoom in advance, but also made full preparation and recorded multiple operation videos so that the customers can repeatedly watch video when necessary in the future and quickly master the basic operation of the product, enjoying the great convenience that a veterinary ultrasound brings to their routine work and life as well as increasing economic benefits substantially.

The content of the training includes
*The basic principles of ultrasound in cattle
*What a cattle ultrasound can bring to veterinarians and cattle breeder,
*The physiological structure of the cow
*How to read ultrasound images, bovine fetus and corresponding ultrasound images
*Detailed operation steps of the product
*Answer customer's questions

More than 30 veterinarians and heads of medical institutions participated in the training, which lasted about seven hours.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.
Our support to dealers and customers is always there. Product training is an important part of after-sales service. We promise to provide 18-month free warranty for the whole machine and accessories, and a chargeable lifetime maintenance service in order to free of all after-sales worries of customers, making customers feel at ease to experience the products and bringing customers excellent experience.

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