What is reusable biopsy needle guide (biopsy needle bracket)

What is reusable biopsy needle guide (biopsy needle bracket)

Accurate Guidance. Confident Outcomes.

Ultrasound is used across a variety of specialties to perform many types of interventions, including biopsy and point-of-care procedures. Ultrasound is minimally invasive, allows for high diagnostic accuracy, and presents lower costs.

During the procedure, needle visualization is critical. The use of a reusable needle guide keeps the needle aligned with the ultrasound beam of an ultrasound transducer, leading to:

*Improved needle visualization
*Reduced procedure time

*Confident clinical outcomes

The reusable needle guide directs needles, catheters and other minimally invasive instruments according to transducer biopsy guidelines. The needle guide provides a safe, efficient means of performing ultrasound-guided instrument placement procedures. Made of stainless steel, the needle guide offers multiple angle capabilities. The bracket offers an infinite number of biopsy depths. Needle guides are shipped non-sterile. Biopsy needle brackets should be cleaned and disinfected according to your User's Manual.

It reduces technique variability, provides a shorter learning curve and a reduced procedure time. It offers physicians a means of obtaining hard-to-reach lesions via variable angle design of the needle guide.

Bondway has designed over 600 types of reusable biopsy needle brackts over the past years to validate needle guidance products for ultrasound systems and transducers made by almost all world leading ultrasound manufacturers. Both general purpose and endocavity needle brackets available for you to choose from