Digital Veterinary color doppler ultrasound system

Digital Veterinary color doppler ultrasound system

Model ES260V
Min order 1
Supply ability 10000 pcs per year
Payment T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Irrevocable Letter of Credit, PayPal
Port Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc
Certification ISO13485
Delivery 1 to 3 working days after receiving payment
Packaging Standard Carton Box

ES260V is a new full digital diagnostic ultrasound imaging system, also named as digital portable color doppler ultrasound machine, based on advanced PC platform, integrated with new clinical ultrasonography solutions, superior image, comprehensive functions, easy-carrying and unique U-shaped design, which offers a new choice for ultrasound clinical application.

It is a full digital Veterinary Color Doppler system, coming with 15-inch high-resolution LCD display &  128-element multi-frequency probes. Excellent for use in obstetrics, gynecology, Abdomen,urology, cardiology, small parts, etc. Professional veterinary software packages installed including Equine, Bovine, feline, canine, swine, sheep,etc.Digital veterinary Color Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system ES260V

Professional veterinary software and measurement packages


It is facilitated with intelligent clinical functions to speed up the diagnostic procedures. It has a wide application including equine, bovine, canine, feline, llama, aqua animals, and reptiles, etc.
For Animals that ES260V digital veterinary color Doppler ultrasound is designed

Advanced Imaging Technologies

*Phase-inversion harmonic imaging & frequency compound imaging 
 Ensure excellent penetration and more delicate 2D image 

*Spatial compound imaging
  Combining images from multi-angle to reduce artifact and improve image quality
  Compounding images from multiple scanned angles to reduce antifact and improve image quality

*Speckle reduction technology
  Reduce speckle noise and improve image quality

*Multiple imaging modes
  B/C/PW/CW/BCD triplex imaging, Wide-angle Steer scanning imaging, 
  Panoramic imaging, Trapezoid imaging (linear probe only), Anatomical M mode, 
  Color M mode,tissue doppler imaging (TDI), 3D/4D imaging

*Color Doppler enhancement technology
  Effectively suppress color doppler flashing noise and improve the color flow resolution and sensitivity

*Multi-Beam Formation technology 
  Increases time resolution and frame rate

*Auto measurement of intima-media thickness (IMT)
  Easy operation improves work efficiency


*One key Image Optimization

Optional ultrasonic probes for ES260V digital veterinary color Doppler ultrasound

Friendly designs of ES260V digital veterinary color Doppler ultrasound systemSuperb ultrasound images by ES260V digital veterinary color Doppler ultrasound machine