Ultrasound video printer, SONY UP-X898MD

Ultrasound video printer, SONY UP-X898MD

Model UP-X898MD
Min order 1
Supply ability 10000 pcs per year
Payment T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, L/C
Port Shenzhen, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, etc
Certification ISO13485, CE, UL,CCC
Delivery 1-3 days after payment received
Packaging Standard carton box

The UP-X898MD printer is a hybrid model accepting both analog and digital signal inputs. UP-X898MD ultrasound video printer offers “PRINT, STORE and GO” capabilities with Sony’s IMAGEPORT™ interface. This allows users to either print image store them on a USB drive and transfer them to a laptop. This black and white ultrasound printer is designed for today’s advanced ultrasound systems with high speed printing times of approximately 1.9 seconds, high resolution of 325 DPI and a compact-space-saving design.

*Hybrid - accepts both analog and digital signal input
*Ideal for today’s advance ultrasound systems
*Unique built-in digital capture enables you to store images on a connected USB drive
*Sony’s IMAGEPORT™ interface is now incorporated into the UP-X898MD
*1.9 Second print speed
*User-friendly controls on front panel
*Uses same media as the UP-895 and UP-897 series printers
*High-quality, photo like images

*Printing Pixels:  

    Digital:4096*1280 pixels
    Video NTSC:720*504 pixels
    Video PAL:720*604 pixels 
*Image Size:  
  STD Video NTSC:94*73mm PAL:94*71mm (WIDE1)
  SIDE Video NTSC:124*96   PAL:127*96mm (WIDE1)
*Paper Size: 110mm (Width) 

*Printing Speed
   High-speed:1.9 sec (STD mode)
   Normal:       3.3 sec  (STD mode)

   Digital:4096*1280*8 (bit)
   Video: 10 images (850k*8 bit) 

   USB socket( x1)
   High-speed USB (USB2.0)(X1)
   Video Input: BNC (x1)
   Composite video signal (NTSC and PAL)
   1.0 Vp-p, 75ohms (NTSC/PAL auto identifiable)
   Video output: BNC (X1)
   Remote: stereo jack (mini) 

*Drivers: Microsoft Windows XP 32/64, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64, Win8 32/64, Win10 32/64  
*Power:100-240V 50/60HZ
*Working Temperature:5 to 40 celcius degree (41 to 104 F)
*Printer Size:154*88*240MM(W*H*D)  
*Safety: UL CE CCC  
*Net Weight:2.5KG

Printing Paper Recommended

Item NO       Specification Minimum Order Quantity Remark
Sony  UPP-110S       Normal Density 50 rolls 110mm*20m
Sony  UPP-110HG       High Density high glossay 50 rolls 110mm*18m
Sony Upp-110HD       High density 50 rolls 110mm*20m    
Other brand 6110S       Normal density 50 rolls 110mm*20m