Pregnancy Tester for pig, sheep, goat

Pregnancy Tester for pig, sheep, goat

Model BW10V
Min order 1
Supply ability 每年20000台
Payment 电汇,微信付款,支付宝付款等
Port 中国境内各地
Certification ISO13485
Delivery 收到货款后3到5天
Packaging 标准出口包装

Key Features

* For pregnancy test on swine, goat, sheep,etc
* Determine the pregnancy by sound and light. Suitable for using under noisy and dark circumstances.
* Insert the simple users manual inside package. Easy to use.
* Small volume, light weight, easy to carry.
* Low Consumption, battery easy to be bought or changed.
* With water-proof function, easy to clean
* Regular AA Alikaline battery, available everywhere

Technical Specifications
Battery: 4pcs (1.5V)
Rated power: Less than 400mW
Dimension:180*50*50mm (L*W*H)

Working Principal
Pregnancy Tester for pig, sheep, goat (or Pregnancy Test Instrument) , is an instrument which can emit and receive ultrasound waves. When the emitted ultrasound waves penetrate into the body of the swine or goat, the echo reflect to the receiver

The uterus of swine and goat will be fully of amniotic fulid during pregnancy, so pregnancy Test Instrument distinguishes the receiver echo response from the amniotic fluid, according to the different sounds made by Pregnancy Test Instrument to determine whether the swine sheep and goat are pregnant or not.

Testing Time
25 days later after swine gets breeded, users can use Pregnancy Test Instrument to test. Clinical tril proves that testing is 99% accurate 30 days after breeding. At 65 to 70 days after breeding, the litter displaces the fluid and testing accuracy decreases. In order to get accurate test, you need to place the probe on the proper testing spot with suitable skin touch and proper direction at the right time.

Clinical Trial proves that the testing result is 99% accurate on normal big swine, 97% accurate on goat. Well-known universities around the world have done comparison tests and  concluded that Pregnancy Test instrument are excellent in terms of accuracy and ease of use.